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Thank you that you are contributing to the Austrian SQL PASS chapter!

To make your session as smooth as possbile, please ...

  • ... submit your session including a title, abstract and level (100-500) latest six weeks before the meeting (so we can promote your session).
  • ... plan your session for 60 minutes including time for discussion.
  • ... use this slide template for your session:
  • ... ensure that the Lync Web App is working (, Add-In required!) so we can stream and record your session. If you are already using Lync Server and you are allowed to join external meetings you can use your Lync Client as well.
  • ... arrive latest half an hour before the meeting begins at the venue for tech-check. We are at the site latest one hour befor the meeting begins. If not stated otherwise (please check the calendar invite we send you), meetings will held at Microsoft Austria, Am Europlatz 3, 1120 Vienna.
  • ... don't hesitate to contact us if there is any question.


Worth to know


Instead of using your car we would recommend to use public transportation in the city and book a hotel which is close to a metro station.

Microsoft’s Office is very close to station “Bahnhof Meidling” (formerly known as "Philadelphiabrücke") of metro “U6” (metro) and any "S-Bahn" (regional train). A single ride is for EUR 2,40 [2015-03-01] - but there are 24h-tickets available, too. You can buy them at red ticket machines at the entrance to every station. Don't forget to stamp your ticket at the blue machines at the station before boarding.

For detailled information about the public transportation in Vienna visit

For transfer from the airport to the city we recommend Vienna AirportLines. The fare is way below the half of the price a cab/taxi would cost.

If you are arriving by car you can use the parking lot at Microsoft Head Quarter. If you are using a motorway/expessway (prefixed with letters A and S) you require a "vignette" in order to avoid an expensive substitute toll (

Austria and Vienna:

Timezone in Austria is MET (middle eureopean time), which is GMT+1.

Austria is part of the European Currency Union, therefore the offical currency is EUR.

Vienna is the federal capital of Austria. A good start for an internet research would be the offical web site on

The federal radio station sends parttime in english language through channel FM4 (pronounced "ef-em-fear"), on frequency 103,8 and 91 in the area of Vienna.

Depending on your particular interest, must-sees could be:



We can recommend all of the “JUFA Hotels” ( Please book directly via email for a special offer for "SQL PASS Austria".

How to get from the Airport "Wien Schwechat" (VIE) to Jufa?

Public transportation takes about 30min (as fast as a taxi) and departing every 15min from VIE. That's the cheapest option by far.

You can buy a ticket at the red vending machines or via mobile app WienMobil. (I would stay away from the (green) CAT Ariport Train.)

Here you can see the departure times at the airport for connections to Jufa (U-Bahn "Enkplatz"):


Taxi to Jufa Wien City (Mautner Markhof-Gasse 50, 1110 Wien) about 30min/18km and therefore not faster than pubic transportation. Prices and alternative means of transportation are listed here:,+1300+Schwechat,+Österreich/JUFA+Hotel+Wien+City,+Mautner-Markhof-Gasse+50,+1110+Wien,+Österreich/@48.1463747,16.4352499,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x476c55ab471abe9b:0x247a52108dd29b4b!2m2!1d16.5755139!2d48.1126125!1m5!1m1!1s0x476daa03aa770395:0x7c0ef9fb0945a9ea!2m2!1d16.4200594!2d48.1755836!3e0



For other hotels check out or for the best rate available



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